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Design and construction company

We are a design and construction company

that provides professional design, construction, and construction management services with uncompromising standards and high quality.

Our company has its own material and technical resources, the necessary infrastructure and experienced staff, ready to provide comprehensive services for any projects in the field of civil and industrial construction, installation of offshore and underwater structures, pipelines, as well as maintenance of on-shore, off-shore and underwater objects in chemical, oil and gas, mining and energy industries.​

We build much more than just constructions

We create safe conditions and environmentally friendly solutions for the society in which we live, and most importantly, we build strong relationships and create an atmosphere of communication that allows us to successfully cope with our work.

In each project, whether large or small, we pay special attention to the smallest details in order to create exceptional and high-quality objects. We are known for professionally coordinating complex and the most complex projects and producing well-designed facilities within limited budgets. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations regarding safety, quality, functionality, aesthetics and deliver finished products that have stood the test of time.

We are sure that at the heart of every successful project are 5 key elements



A safe workplace is key to work excellence. We are creating a safety-oriented environment that constantly works to eliminate risky behaviors that can lead to injuries and malfunctions.



It is always money, and we have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to complete our projects not only on time, but often before the planned completion date. We achieve this by working with the design and engineering management team to identify critical paths involving key contractors and suppliers, independently performing many of the main components of the work, thereby allowing better control of project planning and overall progress.



Ensuring stable quality with the help of the Total Quality Control Management system, preliminary planning and preliminary construction, while maintaining quality, we can economically satisfy the needs of our customers. We can rightfully be proud of our quality control system, which has proved its effectiveness in all projects in which we participated.



Using modern building information modeling (BIM) technologies, including three-dimensional design (CAD 3D), virtual design and construction (VDC), we significantly reduce the estimated costs already at the design stage, guaranteeing an optimal cost for the client. We also carry out an assessment and reassessment of the project cost before the start of construction.



Open, clear and accurate communication is crucial for team relationships and the success of any project. We have created a communication and information management system based on modern technologies that ensure accurate real-time data transfer to the client, all project team employees, construction personnel and subcontractors.

We are proud of our reputation and firmly support it

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