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Our success as a construction company is possible only with the support of project partners. We pride ourselves on our ability to assemble the best in a team for our customers, using highly qualified and professional contractors and reliable suppliers who share our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Working together, we provide excellent results that are a victory for our customers and all interested parties. 


Honest partner - We strive to be a good helper and help ensure the continued success of our subcontracting partners - both on the job site and beyond. This means creating an environment in which the safety of our workforce is of paramount importance, where open communication, timely payment is encouraged, and fair and respectful treatment of each other is the rule.

Work with small business

Small enterprises play a vital role in our economy as a whole and in each of our projects. By investing in their future, we strengthen not only our industry, but also the society we serve.

We strive to develop contractors by providing economic opportunities that drive growth and development for the small business community.


In each new project we undertake, we identify key areas in which local small businesses can contribute by implementing an aggressive tendering and procurement strategy to ensure that we achieve our subcontracting goals. We adhere to an extensive information program to attract and inform local society about the potential of small businesses.


Through the publication of vacancies on our website, or through the resources of our company friendly, we invite qualified contractors and suppliers to participate. 

Our successful track record of projects is positive evidence that small and local companies make and can make a valuable contribution, which also gives us confidence that our ambitious goals are achievable. 

Work with us

We offer a wide range of business opportunities for pre-registered contractors and suppliers. If you are interested in working with us, please take some time to fill out our contractor qualification application. 


This application is necessary for all contractors and suppliers, it helps us determine what opportunities your company has to participatein our potential future civil and industrial projects. 

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