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Before starting a project and allocating a considerable budget of financial resources, clients should make sure that their costs will provide the desired return on investment, and that the money spent will be used as purposefully as possible for the project. We offer a wide range of consulting and planning services for the industrial and civil sectors to help clients make the right decisions for their business.


Our independent consulting and advisory services cover business, technical, strategic management and regulation. This practice offers technical and advisory services to the infrastructure, technology, energy, petrochemical, refining and public sectors.

Service features

Key features of our consulting and advisory services include the following:

  • Technical expertise combined with commercial business knowledge and practical knowledge of the project;

  • Help transform concepts into projects through an integrated structure and multidisciplinary approach.

Expertise - an independent engineer or design and engineering group for large projects, services for the assessment or revaluation of assets, or a project. 

Consulting services - on risk management, continuity of the production process, organizational review and technical audit. 

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