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Maximum efficiency

Off-site construction and production makes it possible to improve project schedules and reduce project costs using methods such as assembly, modularity, grouping and pre-assembly. Quality and efficiency improve when work is done in a specialized and pre-controlled environment. In addition, reducing the time and resources on the site provides safer, cleaner and more efficient projects.

Manufacturing and assembly in the factory

Includes a certain level and scope of work performed before the installation or final assembly of our projects. Prefabricated structures, regardless of material, vary from assemblies, panels and racks to walls and building sections.

Modular assembly

Modular designs consist of several sections or blocks, commonly called modules, in a controlled environment away from our design sites.

A process is most effective when there is some level of repeatability or consistency between modules. After the individual modules are completed, they are sent to the site and installed in their place, whether it is the foundation or construction. Modularity can be used for all projects and technological installations and can provide a number of advantages

  • Reducing the risk associated with field construction.

  • Reduction of staff at the construction site.

  • Pre-assembly in a controlled environment minimizes the impact of weather conditions.

  • Higher performance is achieved.

  • Reduces total cost and delivery schedule, leading to earlier commissioning.

Manufacture of panels with technical communications

Is the design of internal and external walls or floors that are assembled or manufactured in a remote location in a controlled environment. The panels have a wide range of material options, the presence of embedded communications, and are installed on site upon delivery to the site to complete internal partitions or assembly of external walls

Volumetric modular assembly 

Volumetric module refers to the fact that the assembly is a complete three-dimensional box (for example, a building module or compartment for an offshore vessel or offshore platform) compared to the more two-dimensional aspect of the panel structure. Both approaches can be effective for our projects, but are very different in the methods of transporting, installing or lifting and installing components that were prefabricated

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