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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Code of Business Ethics and reporting system?

This is a comprehensive internal policy of the company relating to all its activities and a confidential reporting tool that helps managers and employees to jointly solve problems associated with fraud, abuse and other acts in the workplace while creating a favorable working environment.

Why do we need a Code of Business Ethics and a reporting system for violating it?

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. By creating open communication channels, we can help create a supportive work environment and maximize productivity. Anonymous reporting mechanisms help to report fraud in accounting and auditing or abuse of the procurement system or tender procedures. An effective reporting system will strengthen our efforts to foster a culture of honesty and ethical decision making.


Can I send a message using the Internet or phone?

Yes, you have the opportunity to submit a confidential anonymous report via the company’s website using the Internet or call.

If I see a possible violation, should I just report it to my manager, or to the manager responsible for ethics and let them deal with it?

If you observe any behavior that, in your opinion, violates our “Code of Business Ethics” or company policy, we expect you to report it. Ideally, you should report any problems with your line manager or other officials in your department. However, we acknowledge that circumstances may arise where it is not convenient for you to report a problem in this way. It is for such circumstances that we cooperate through the communications indicated on the website of our company. We would prefer you to report anonymously rather than keep this information with you.


Why should I communicate what I know? What does this mean for me?

We all have the right to work in an honest, open and positive environment, and this right has the responsibility to act ethically and inform the relevant leaders if someone is not acting properly. By working together, we can maintain a healthy, open, and productive environment. Corporate crime can threaten the livelihoods of an entire company.

Does the company's management or its owner really want me to report?

“We certainly wish that.” We really need you to report this, because you know what good or bad happens in our company. You may have information about activities that may be cause for concern. Your report can minimize the potential negative impact on the company and our employees. In addition, providing such information can help identify issues that can improve the corporate culture, increasing trust and productivity.


Where are the reports sent, and who can access them?

All reports submitted by you are entered directly on the secure server of our company to prevent possible security breaches. The conditions for access to this information make these reports available only to a specific employee of the company authorized directly by the founder of the company, who is charged with evaluating the report depending on the type of violation and the location of the incident. The recipient of the reports has a full obligation to maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure of information received.


Isn’t this similar program an example of someone watching someone follow me?

Our program focuses on being a positive aspect of our overall philosophy and company culture and allows us to provide you with a safe, reliable and ethical workplace. You are encouraged to seek ethical dilemma advice, give positive suggestions or report a problem. Effective, open and honest communication is crucial in the modern workplace, and it is a great tool to improve this communication. We carefully selected the best reporting tool for fulfilling our obligations to maintain reporting and maintain a positive environment in our company.


As far as I understand, any report that I send from the company’s computer generates a server log that shows every website my computer connects to, and will this log not identify me as the author of the report?

Our program does not create and does not keep internal connection logs with IP addresses, therefore there is no information connecting your computer with the company server. Our policy categorically prohibits the pursue of the person submitting such reports, regardless of the principles and channels of such treatment. You can also access the available data through the official website of the company without specifying your contact details, however, in this case, it may be difficult to follow up on the proceedings on the issue you have raised. If you are not comfortable doing a similar report on your work PC or you feel some discomfort, you have the opportunity to use the PC outside our work environment, for example, located in an Internet cafe, in a friend’s house, etc.


Can I file a report from home and still remain anonymous?

A message from home, a neighbor's computer, or any Internet portal will remain secure and anonymous. An Internet portal of a company never identifies a visitor by a pseudonym, or by any other signs, in order to fully maintain anonymity. In addition, under the Code of Business Ethics, the company undertakes not to pursue the identity of the person submitting such a report and remains confidential, even when such a report is not submitted anonymously.


I am concerned that the information I provide will ultimately reveal my identity. How can you assure me that this will not happen?

The company's policy regarding the Ethics Everywhere program is designed to protect your anonymity. However, if you want to maintain complete anonymity, excluding any possibility that, for some indirect reasons, your person may be indicated in your report as the party presenting such a report, you must first make sure that the text of the report is random, when specifying any details, such as the address of the place of residence or an indication of your age, your identity is not revealed.


Is the phone call free and the line confidential and anonymous?

Yes. However, you will be asked to provide the same information that you would provide in an online report if you applied through the company's official website. These reports have similar security and confidentiality measures.


What if I want to be identified with my report?

For this, it’s enough not to maintain anonymity when submitting a report and indicate your data. Nevertheless, the confidentiality of the submitted report remains with respect to the applicant.


I know that some people in our company are associated with unethical behavior, but this does not affect me in any way. Why should I report this?

Our company constantly promotes ethical behavior. Any unethical behavior at any level ultimately damages the company and all employees, including you. You just need to consider some of the corporate scandals that have become available to the media and see the catastrophic consequences of how a seemingly harmless violation of ethics could affect a healthy and successful business company. Therefore, if you are aware of any cases of misconduct or ethical violations, consider it your duty to yourself and your colleagues to report this.


I am not completely and not completely sure that I noticed or heard something that is a violation of company policy or is associated with unethical behavior, but it just seems to be wrong. What should I do in this case?

Submit a report. We would prefer that you report a situation that turned out to be harmless, and not allow possible unethical behavior to go unnoticed, because you were not sure.


What if my supervisor or other managers are involved in the violation? Won't they get a report and start hiding?

The system for transmitting and disseminating the report is designed in such a way that the parties involved are not notified and do not gain access to these reports in which they were named or indicated as possible stakeholders.


What if I remember something important about the incident after I submitted the report? Or if the company has additional questions regarding my report?

If you submit a report on the company’s website, you will receive a unique username. In this case, you will receive confirmation of the appeal received from you, and you can additionally leave any information on the issue that arose. Or if the company has additional questions, then it will certainly contact you according to the contact information you left at the time of the initial submission of information through the website of our company. Thus, you and the company enter into an anonymous or confidential dialogue, where situations are not only identified but can also be resolved, no matter how complex they may be.


Are these additionally transmitted information to the primary reports as safe as the primary?

All correspondence provided materials and files on all issues are kept with the same strict confidentiality as your initial appeal and remain under the auspices of anonymity.


Can I submit a report if I do not have access to the Internet?

You can submit a report from any computer with access to the Internet. You can also file it from home. In many public places, including a public library, park or shopping center, where there is Internet or computers with Internet access. If you do not have access to a computer or if you are uncomfortable using it, you can call the phone number listed on our official website of the company.

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