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Confidence in the reliability of deliveries always requires prior careful planning and construction of realistic schedules based on reliable data from high-quality and trusted suppliers, as well as from an understanding of the sales market. Our many years of experience and long-term relationships are our main strategy.


A deep understanding of the domestic and international market and our relations with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials, equipment, tools and services, on time and within the established budget. As a result, this allows us to implement the most successful projects in the most difficult conditions.


Having long-term and stable relations with the procurement departments of various companies around the world, we have the resources to efficiently search, evaluate, purchase and organize the transportation of the necessary equipment, tools and services materials to any site of our project. Our employees have long-term experience and knowledge of local markets, are well acquainted with customs and environmental standards, regulatory requirements and state laws, which allows us to accelerate the process of order execution and solving problems.

Our knowledge and experience cover the entire supply process

Our knowledge and experience cover the entire supply process, from procurement, procurement and transportation, and logistics, to inspection, inventory control and quality assurance.

Each product or service that we use in projects must meet our strict requirements for quality and safety. In addition to procurement, we also support production facilities for the production of necessary components and storage facilities for the storage of steel materials, equipment and machinery. Over the past years, we have developed strong relations with key suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in various industries both in the domestic and international markets. We always use competitive offers and enter into long-term relationships to obtain competitive prices for materials or services. We regularly conduct analysis and thorough research of the domestic and foreign markets to ensure that we prepare accurate estimates, select the best products or services and get the best prices.

Each employee shares responsibility for the entire supply chain


We are confident that each employee of our design and engineering group shares responsibility for the entire supply chain, working with clients to select materials and equipment, execution technologies that will best meet the requirements of the project and its cost. Our design and engineering team and procurement staff optimize and synchronize project schedules, orders and delivery logistics, and thus minimize delays. When transporting potentially hazardous materials, our logistics and safety staff ensures a safe and responsible movement of goods. We also constantly develop and improve our own procedures for controlling the movement of materials and goods, in order to avoid loss or damage.

We always keep a chronological report on design and procurement


Even after the completion of our projects, we continue to serve as a source of spare components and necessary materials for our projects. We always keep a chronological report on design and procurement for each object that we worked on, which greatly simplifies the subsequent search, production or supply of the necessary material or components for equipment and we have everything in our warehouses, from bushings, bolt nuts, to the necessary tools, equipment, tanks, pipelines and instrumentation. This service is extremely important for industrial enterprises that are in active operation.

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