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We specialize in preventative maintenance solutions based on technical condition, preferring it to expensive reconditioning technical repairs. Providing customers with advanced solutions in the field of modern technology, we guarantee their success. Over the years, our company carried out maintenance operations on roads and infrastructure during large-scale programs for the construction or reconstruction of facilities as required by our contractual obligations.


As the construction market of Turkmenistan continues to expand and develop, the component of long-term operation and maintenance is becoming increasingly important for the effective use and successful implementation of projects.Based on the existing experience, our company created integrated systems, processes and innovative ideas for operational operation and maintenance for implementation; using our understanding of managing life cycle analysis and its important role in achieving long-term project goals.

Long-term goals

Safe day-to-day operations and functions

We know that the skills, systems and processes needed to efficiently maintain assets throughout their productive life are critical to providing effective services. We understand the long-term goals of our clients in asset management and help clients realize their goals, focusing on actions to minimize or eliminate their wear and tear while safely performing everyday operational functions. 

Operations and maintenance services include

Reaction to an incident - a chronological and detailed report on operational events that have occurred and are occurring with the facility throughout the entire life cycle.

Disaster response management - a preliminary analysis of the facility’s protection systems in operation, and monitoring their condition throughout the life cycle.

Pavement management, inspection and repair - analysis of infrastructure wear during operation, inspection and detailed damage mapping to assess and further improve the characteristics of optimal loads for operation under increased loads not established by the initial design.

Snow and ice control - analysis of the causes of icing, infrastructure facilities in operation, to determine the impact on the quality of operational characteristics and the elimination of miscalculations in the initial design.

Vegetation management - Phyto-analysis of the stability of vegetation in certain climatic conditions, determination of their life cycle, potential for independent development and the effect of vegetation on the soil condition of an operated facility.

Bridge management, inspection and repair - analysis of the wear of the infrastructure during operation, inspection and digitalization of details of deformation or damage in order to evaluate and further repair to improve optimal performance.

Full asset management - full asset management of the facility from the moment it is put into operation throughout the entire life cycle to the subsequent disposal.

Capital work for restoration to the full life cycle or repair of serious damage - analysis and examination of the state of a reconstructed or restored object, transfer of the existing infrastructure to a digital modeling system to determine the degree of wear of the main resource of the object or the degree of damage and subsequent planning, design or restoration and renovation.

Intelligent transport systems - analysis and improvement of transport communications and road information systems in order to optimize traffic control for various types of vehicles and to ensure safer and more coordinated traffic flow management and increase the life of the road infrastructure.

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