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Success through technology and collaboration

The most creative ideas are born in the most innovative communities

We combine our high-performing employees with efficient processes and the right technology to benefit every part of our business. Our commitment to technology and the latest practices has led to optimized project performance and improved collaboration between our company, our customers, designers, engineers and contractors. Over the years, our employees have used their creativity, experience and ambition to develop interesting achievements in our approach. 

Success through technology and collaboration


Advanced delivery methods

Changes are an ongoing element in the construction industry, and innovative project delivery methods are changing rapidly. What was innovative and advanced yesterday, today is history in the foundation of practice and experience. Over the past XX century, we have seen how a traditional and one-time order has turned into collaboration methods, such as design, assembly, design assistance, delegated design, integrated project implementation, and public-private partnerships. With the pace of innovation and the demand for modern high-tech and intelligent buildings and projects, it becomes important to choose the right way to implement your project. We have experience, knowledge and dedicated staff to help you in the assessment and selection process, determine the method and direction that will bring the greatest benefit to your project.



Our approach includes the implementation of fast and effective methods that promote teamwork, creative thinking and collaboration. We are primarily builders, and we consistently apply our experience with creative solutions to develop innovative design solutions and reduce costs. We introduce modern design technologies to bridge the elusive gaps between planning, design, and construction. We know that to coordinate the construction of modern high-tech and intellectual projects, a team of experienced specialists in all disciplines is required.


Facility optimization

We strive to have the most sophisticated technologies, efficiency, and integrated systems while improving the quality of life for end-users. High-performance facilities can be a building or a series of facilities in a specific area that combines and optimize various technologies that increase overall energy efficiency, life cycle and efficient use of personnel at the facility. The inclusion of highly effective strategies, attributes and technologies must be considered at the initial stages of the project development.

Our expertise - Our project teams work closely with clients, designers, and on-site staff to identify the technologies most important to the project while maintaining a balance between budget and project integration. Thanks to our vast experience in high-performance technology and innovation, we are reviewing construction experience for our customers.



Maximize function

Thanks to our internal technical analysis and coordination, we can provide our customers with an improved operational base at reduced prices. Many professional engineers and installers share their experience with our project teams in order to maximize the functionality and ease of maintenance in the future while minimizing upfront costs and life cycle costs. They provide significant assistance in identifying equipment, suppliers, and contractors, as well as vital support in testing and commissioning systems.


Assistance and benefits

  • Pre-construction assessment team.

  • Resources specializing in MEP [Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing).

  • Specialized resources for launching the commissioning process.

  • Certified Specialists (BSME & BSEE) Mechanical Engineer and Electrical Engineer, knowledgeable in troubleshooting.

  • Opportunities for the procurement and supply of optimal equipment.

  • Knowledge of BIM / VDC to solve design problems.

  • Planning and methodology of the examination.

  • Ability to challenge the original design and work on more optimal and cost-effective solutions.


Elimination of losses and additional costs

We believe that frugality is a way of thinking based on respect for people with a bias towards eliminating losses and additional costs. Our experienced employees are exploring ways to work more efficiently, creating effective ways of communication, making promises possible, increasing responsibility and sincerely collaborating.

Our expertise - We can achieve this using a lean technology system, including the Last Planner System, preference selection and on-target delivery. Our company has experience in cooperation in various formats of supply contracts, including integrated delivery to the project and design assembly. Creating a culture of continuous improvement, our engineers and designers were able to maximize the optimal values ​​of the project value that we provide to our customers and partners.


Build for future

We fight for ecology and environmentally friendly solutions, not because it’s fashionable, but because maintaining the well-being of our environment is important for future generations - it’s just the right decision, and it makes sense for us and our customers. We take our responsibility for maintaining the limited resources of our planet and maintaining our status as a friendly builder and manufacturer for the environment. We constantly review our own internal processes, standards, and policies to ensure that we are effective managers. This includes evaluating workplace practices and activity and examining and reviewing our corporate practices as a whole to ensure that we are reducing our environmental footprint and providing our employees with the best possible environment for work, development, and prosperity.


Innovation through technology 

Our specialists bring the latest technology, experience and skills to the construction process, which help design and engineering teams build more efficiently than ever before. Our practice of introducing best practices in the field of construction technology provides employees with all the opportunities to study new technologies and innovative ways to use existing technologies in world practice.

Our expertise - Our design and engineering groups are constantly improving in practice, increasing their experience, are innovators in the company, and at present, they use only advanced modern technologies. Combining our employees, our process and our experience in applying, implementing and developing modern technologies in practice in our country, has created a knowledge base for the entire company, which improves efficiency, streamlines processes and improves the quality of customer service in our projects.


Environmental Responsibility

We must be aware and understand that we are responsible for improving the health of people and ecosystems, as well as for the formation and functioning of cities, society and the life cycles of our planet. Creating a building, build a building, civil or industrial infrastructure that serves as a benchmark for energy efficiency and environmental responsibility is truly a collective effort. At all stages of the design process, our employees promote integral systems thinking and determine the relationship between the desired program functions, the initial budget and the subsequent life cycle cost.

As part of the planning process, we: 

  • we assist in setting goals at an early stage; 

  • we assist in assessing the impact on health in an artificial environment; 

  • we actively participate in the period of design and planning; 

  • we analyze lighting, on-site energy efficiency and water conservation; 

  • we analyze and select supporting materials; 

  • we analyze indoor air quality during construction; 

  • we develop plans and documentation for the management of construction waste; 

  • we develop action plans for sustainable development.


Virtual design in construction

We have created a talented group of technical specialists who manage and create virtual projects. Their task is to find innovative virtual solutions for application in the project in order to enhance information power, which ultimately provides a high-quality result. Our team of virtual designers is an invaluable resource and works hand in hand with all our design teams. They are inherently curious and innovative thinkers who, with their advanced solutions, inspire us to the process of successful materialization of the project.


Installation and coordination

We appreciate the extensive process of virtual coordination of systems for installation. This is vital to the success of the project and is a priority for all project team members. Thus, coordination of the system is an integral part of the project implementation process, and design and engineering teams constantly check its relationship with the project schedule, documentation, budget and on-site installation quality.


Virtual reality

We are sure that virtual reality is the best way to convey a sense of space and vision of a future project. The use of various hardware and software allows you to adapt the interactive experience to different levels of immersion, depending on the need. Virtual reality improves communication for decision making, security considerations, and phase planning.


Virtual Design and Construction

VDC is an integral part of pre-construction preparation. We believe that early participation in the creation of the project contributes to successful cooperation and construction. Of great importance is deep knowledge of building components and their relationship with the design concept, schedule, and budget. VDC applications provide a way to this understanding.


Integrated Digital Surveyor Reality Capture

The Integrated Digital Turnover (IDT) is a solution for providing relevant object data - both from BIM results and from traditional building sources. IDT is our rethinking of the traditional project documentation turnover process. The purpose of this process is to narrow the gaps between knowledge in the field of construction and operation.

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