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We well understand that time is money and this is true for all construction projects. Exactly following the established schedule is only one way to achieve customer satisfaction with our services.


In creating a detailed construction schedule, our planning group has extensive experience in project planning in both civil and industrial construction. They use their knowledge, rich experience and historical data to draw up a preliminary project schedule. The construction industry is constantly evolving, so the use of data is important for an accurate schedule.


We also consider factors such as production speed and delivery of necessary components or materials, access to the site, reports on soil conditions and much more to help determine the schedule. Using the main chart as the main structure, charts are created and updated at short intervals. Daily activity is recorded in the reporting form as the basis for measuring the progress of work at the facility and maintaining the timing of construction.

Competent Coordination

Each week a two-week forecast is compiled, which creates a strictly focused basis for coordinating all work at the facility at any time.

The project manager plays a decisive role in synchronizing daily activities in all areas of ongoing work and in specialties, by holding weekly meetings with team leaders and managers at the construction site.From a two-week schedule, all daily activities can be smoothly coordinated - with the timely receipt of materials and with staff who are ready to use them at the construction site. Planning also allows us to quickly evaluate any change requests, avoid delays, plan inspections and inform the client about the exact status of the progress of their project.

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